Current research projects

2021-: Show-me: Virtual reality mentee-mentor multimodal collaboration for surgical skills training (PI)

Objective: Designing innovative multimodal and collaborative interaction techniques and user interfaces for a VR telementoring environment for a better transfer of technical medical skills

Keywords: VR, Surgical training, Collaborative interactions,Telementoring

Funding: ANR JCJC

Partners: University of Evry, LabForSIMS, LIMSI, LS2N, WSU

2020-: Incognitho: INversion temps réel de mesures électro-physiologiques pour le monitoring COGNITif et l'interaction HOmme-machine (PI)

Objective: Designing new signal processing methods for Brain computer interfaces

Keywords: BCI, Signal processing, Deep learning, EEG

Funding: DIM RFSI

Partners: University of Evry, IRBA

2019-: TEDw: Training the Eye to Drive two-Wheeled vehicles (PI)

Objective: Design, development and evalaution of an eye tracking based VR trainer for motorcycle driving

Keywords: VR, simulation, driving, Deep learning

Funding: Dep. STIC, Université Paris Saclay

Partners: University of Evry, Gendarmerie Nationale

2019-: CesaarAVC (participant)

Objective:Design, development and evalaution of a VR post stroke low cost rehabilitation tool

Keywords: VR, Rehabilitation, stroke

Funding: FEDER

Partners: University of Evry, Clinique des 3 soleils

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