Experimental platforms

Virtual Reality Immersive room (L-Screen) at Ecole des Mines de Nantes

In the context of the VR4D project, I have set up the VR immersive room at Ecoles des Mines de Nantes. This low cost system is used as a demonstrator for the VR4D tools as well as a teaching platform used by the students to develop their VR and HCI research and industrial projects.

Interaction tools: Nintendo WiiMote + Nunchuck for navigation and virtual hand manipulation, Wacom pen tablet for 3D objects drawing

Tracking tools: 6 x Naturalpoint Optitrack infrared cameras

Graphics: 2 x Nvidea Quadro 5000+ 2 x Short throw stereoscopic HD video projectors + 5 x Nuvision 60gx Shutter glasses

Software: Dassault system Virtools VR pack

L-Screen: 2 orthogonal screens with 3D stereoscopic projection, interaction tools and user's head tracking

Haptic communication platform at IRCCyN and at Cambridge Health Alliance

In the context of the InterActeurs project, I have developed the Haptic communication platform. This system is used in many applications in haptic collaboration such as the biopsy collaborative learning system. The EMARO Master students are also using this system in their research projects in haptic communication.

The system is being replicated at the Cambridge Health Alliance using two different Haptic devices (Phantom Omni devices, Sensable)

Haptics: 2 x Virtuose 6D desktop haptic arms from Haption

Software: C++ Virtuose API + OpenGL / Dassault system Virtools Interactive Physic Pack

Network: High speed network connection

Haptic communication
Haptic communication with 2 haptic arms

Task and motion analysis recording system for Minimal Invasive Surgery at EREL

In the context of the NOTES project, I have built the multiple view video recording system. This system permit to record up to three synchronized external views as well as an endoscopic/laparoscopic view. The system is portable and easy to setup at the OR. It is used to perform Task and motion analysis for surgical procedures. The different views permit to have a more global understanding of the activity of the surgical team and to analyze more in depth all the tasks performed by each member of this team.

Video recording: 3x HD camcorders+ 1 video mixer+ 1 HD VDR

Software: Open source video recording/editing software

NOTES Task analysis
Task and motion analysis for NOTES procedures using 4 synchronized views at the OR

Software development

Biopsy learning simulator (At IRCCyN)

Software: Dassault System Virtools/Virtools C++ SDK; Haption Virtuose C++ SDK; Haption Virtools Interactive Physic Pack

Interaction devices: Haption Virtuose 6D Desktop Haptic Device; Shuttle Pro

Biopsy learning simulator

3D Collaborative spatial manipulation task (At IRCCyN)

Software: Dassault System Virtools/Virtools C++ SDK

Interaction devices: 2x gamepads

Users: 1 or 2 players

3D spatial manipulation environnent