Selected publications

Design of surgical training systems

  1. Influence of hand visualization on tool-based motor skills training in an immersive VR simulator (2020)
    Ricca, A. Chellali, A., Otmane, S.
    To appear in the proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR)
  2. Achieving Interface and Environment Fidelity in the Virtual Basic Laparoscopic Surgical Trainer (2016)
    Chellali, A., Mentis, H.M., Miller, A., Ahn, W., Arikatla, V. S., Sankaranarayanan, G., De, S., Schwaitzberg, S.D., Cao, C.G.L.
    International Journal of Human Computer Studies, Volume 96, pp. 22–37, Elsevier
  3. Haptic communication to support biopsy procedures learning in virtual environments (2012)
    Chellali, A., Dumas, C., Milleville-Pennel, I.
    Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, Volume 21, issue 4, pp. 470–489, MIT Press Journals

Human factors in surgery

  1. Toward scar-free surgery: an analysis of the increasing complexity from laparoscopic surgery to NOTES (2014)
    Chellali, A., Schwaitzberg, S.D., Jones, D.B., Romanelli, J., Miller, A., Rattner, D., Roberts, K., Cao, C.G.L.
    Surgical Endoscopy, Volume 28, issue 11, pp. 3119-3133, Springer
  2. Effects of Sleep Hours and Fatigue on Performance in Laparoscopic Surgery Simulators (2014)
    Olasky, J., Chellali, A., Sankaranarayanan, G., Zhang, L., Cao, C.G.L., De, S., Jones, D., Schneider, B.
    Surgical Endoscopy, Volume 28, issue 9, pp. 2564-2568, Springer
  3. Learning to See the Body: Supporting Instructional Practices in Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures (2014)
    Mentis, H.M., Chellali, A., Schwaitzberg, S.D.
    In the proceedings of the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2014) Toronto, Canada, pp. 2113-2122
  4. Effects of Experience and Workplace Culture in Human-Robot Team Interaction in Robotic Surgery: A Case Study (2012)
    Cunningham, S., Chellali, A., Jaffre, I., Classe, J.-M., Cao, C.G.L.
    International Journal of Social Robotics, Volume 5, issue 1, pp. 75-88, Springer

Haptic communication

  1. Haptic Communication in Collaborative Virtual Environments (2015)
    Wang, J., Chellali, A., Cao, C.G.L.
    Human Factors Volume 58, Issue 3, pp. 496-508, SAGE Journals
  2. Influences of Haptic Communication on a Shared Manual Task in a Collaborative Virtual Environment (2011)
    Chellali, A., Dumas, C., Milleville-Pennel, I.
    Interacting With Computers, Volume 23, issue 4: Cognitive Ergonomics for Situated Human-Automation Collaboration, pp.317-328, Elsevier

Spatial communication and visual cues

  1. Influence of Contextual Objects on Spatial Interactions and viewpoints sharing in Virtual Environments (2012)
    Chellali, A., Dumas, C., Milleville-Pennel, I.
    Virtual Reality Journal, Volume 17, issue 1, pp. 1-15, Springer
  2. Design of a Spatial Aid for Team Communication in Robotic Surgery (2012)
    Cunningham, S., Chellali, A., Banez, J., Cao, C.G.L.
    In the proceedings of ASME 2012, 11th Biannual Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis, Nantes, France, pp. 847-854

Design of 3D interaction techniques

  1. TouchSketch: a touch-based interface for 3D object manipulation and editing (2015)
    Wu, S., Chellali, A., Otmane, S., Moreau, G.
    In the proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology,VRST 2015, Beijing, China, pp. 59-68
  2. HorizontalDragger: a Freehand Remote Selector for Object Acquisition (2015)
    Wu, S., Otmane, S., Chellali, A., Moreau, G.
    In the proceedings of the Virtual Reality conference, IEEE VR 2015, Arles, France, pp. 307-308
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